Hello My Name Is...

Señora Wozniak

Welcome to Spanish Class at
Center Elementary School!!

Learning a new language is exciting and can be a lost of fun! 

For most of us, though, it can also feel a bit intimidating...especially at the beginning. Even though children are natural language learners, they too can feel nervous when it comes to learning a new language.  It can be scary to attempt those early conversations and frustrating to not understand everything the teacher is saying.

The aim of our CES Spanish program is to take the nervousness out of learning Spanish and make it mostly fun. By learning through games, songs, hands-on activities and videos, your children will learn Spanish by playing with the language. They will make connections between the words they hear and what they see and do. They will learn that they don't have to understand everything that a speaker is saying...but if they watch and listen, they will surprise themselves with how fast they can learn.